Many RSDers develop a rash at times.  This rash seems to come and go.  It resembles Chicken Pox and/or Shingles.  In fact, many times patients are told they have shingles when actually it is the RSD Rash.


The RSD rash is an immune system response that is very common in Stage 1 and 2 of RSD.  It resembles Chicken Pox and/or Shingles. The way to tell the difference between the RSD Rash and Chicken Pox/Shingles is that the RSD Rash has blood filled blisters whereas Chicken Pox/Shingles have fluid-filled blisters.


Also, please be aware that since this is an immune system response, the rash can appear anywhere on your body and not just where the RSD happens to be.  Please do not think that the RSD is spreading to the area where the rash appears -- there is no connection.


Many doctors are not aware of the RSD Rash so please be sure to tell them that your blisters do not contain clear fluid and that this rash is documented as an immune system response symptomatic of RSD.


There are prescription topical medications that you can ask your doctor to prescribe to help with the itching or you can use over the counter antihistamines, both oral and topical, if your doctor says it is OK - please check with him/her first before trying these.


There are also some home remedies such as witch hazel or Milk of Magnesia dried to a paste. To dry Milk of Magnesia to a paste -- put it on a paper plate and let it dry out a bit.  Put either the witch hazel or the MOM on the affected area to help stop the itching.


Another home remedy that helps with the itching is Epsom Salt baths. Epsom salt baths also help with RSD pain.  Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate U.S.P) is a 100% Natural Mineral long been considered a trusted natural remedy for everything from the winter blues to a laxative.


First, Please do not try this before asking your doctor if this is OK for you to do - ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE DIABETES! Also do not use if you have an open, infected wound.  Epsom salts is great for non-infected wounds.


This is a great home remedy to help get pain relief. Soaking in the tub with warm (85-95 degree) water with Epsom Salts.  This will help improve circulation, which will reduce inflammation, pain, and itching.  It will also very quickly bring warmth to your limbs if you suffer from "cold" limbs.


Some may feel uncomfortable for the first few minutes when first getting in the warm water -- this is common.  But if you continue to feel uncomfortable -- this is not and you should discontinue.


This is why it works:


While you are soaking, the Epsom Salts removes the poisonous and irritative chemicals from the involved extremity through the skin. The Epsom salt is a calcium channel blocker, which helps reduce the pain, inflammation, edema and breakdown of tissues.


You can do this as often as necessary.  You will be amazed at how much relief you will get. Some members have told me that they have even been able to get scented Epsom salts at specialty shops.




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